the outside within 4 walls

Many weeks of lockdown has taken its toll on us all. Restricted freedom I imagine has hit most and for those of us who manage our mental health with a hearty dose of being outside has left very few coping mechanisms to call upon.

As an artist especially one who seeks inspiration on a daily basis for the things that surround me it has been interesting to observe how I've adapted and how my work is following suit.

Estranged from the hills, the sea and wide open spaces I have dragged out my stone collections, sorted through the gathered and found objects collected over years of wandering and surrounded myself with them inside these 4 walls.

As part of the response to all of this I have started making my own ceramic stones and pebbles, not to imitate nature but to feed my visual dustbin, to replace what is missing and it has nourished me in more ways than one.

It has been a revelation, there is a rejuvenation in my daily practice. I am eager to be in the studio and thinking of the many journey's both internally and externally that this path could take me on.

I feel a positivity coming from this crisis and it gives me hope that things can be better.

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