approaching the end

The last part of my MA has been fractured and the flow interrupted. Our course has been severely compromised by the university and we are working without a technician and a part time lecturer who is doing a grand job but can only do so much. Luckily I am privileged enough to have my own kiln and space to make my work but miss the interaction of my peers.

One of the main reasons I began my MA was to explore my work, where did it come from and where was I going to take it. How could I be authentic in my approach to making. Most of the time I feel at odds with the course structure. In order to be compliant and fulfil the requirements I have to record and reflect on everything in a particular way. My scribbling rambling words, scribbles and gathering of toot apparently doesn't fit the criteria. Constantly searching for the why's or how's and recording it all feel more of a huge giant concrete black to me but it has highlighted what is important in my practice. This knowledge I have gained in spades.

I need to keep making, without thought, without reason, without reflection on what went before. But just being in the moment and allowing my physical practice to advance without tearing it apart by thinking about it. Once I do that its like the thread that you pull and everything comes undone. All I can see are the faults, things that are wrong and that I am indeed an imposter in the world of clay. An appalling mindset to have don't get me wrong but one I need to work with and learn from.

So this is an introduction to a series of posts reflecting on my journey through my MA. How my work has developed and how indeed I am back at the start, back with the familiar shape of the bowl. How many times I have discarded it but it has always pulled me back. The bowl, the centre of things cupped within your hands.

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