• Rachelle Blondel


My journey as a ceramist, potter, manipulator of clay has really only just begun...I have meddled with clay since I first laid my hands on it age 15, a wonderful adult ed class that allowed you to dabble in such things. I wanted it to be my career, I was persuade otherwise and that didn't work out too well.

I have decided against any formal training, I have always found it too channeling, there are too many rules, deadlines, too many other peoples tunes to follow, I'm really not very good at doing as I'm told.

I wish it wasn't so as learning from your mistakes is tough, its costly and you miss out all the wisdom from those far more experienced from you. But it's where I am happiest. It's my road to follow.

The rocks and stones I see on my daily walks fuel a desire to create a surface, texture, something pleasing to hold and joyful to look at. Everyday I sit in my studio and I wonder how I can achieve this on my work... Each day is a work in progress, each morning a chance to try again

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