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New glaze..took a gamble and filled a kiln. Maybe one to archive and consider a miserable failure or maybe look at it from a different angle. What am I looking for from a glaze, a perfectly finished pot, good even coverage, right fit for the clay body, no cracks, drips, odd holes or other imperfections. When I consider my comparison of the process from earth to finished piece and the similarity to the layers of ourselves, then the imperfections, the broken ugly bits, the lack of skill but buckets of willing should be what's important to me. These pots, these experiments are just as beautiful as the perfect ones they aspire to be. They will be criticised, they will be judged. Some people will


The kiln can be the bringer of great joy & utter heartache. This I am learning to accept, I accept the lack of control, even embrace it by not really paying attention to the details. This is part of the journey of the pot, from earth, to makers hands, to the fiery heat of the kiln. The process of creating. Why on earth would I want to control it. I felt a huge jump forward with this firing, the surfaces I see in my mind, feel in my hands are starting to show tiny facets of themselves on the pots. I feel a relief, hard work and patience is starting to pay dividends and even though my slapdash ways are frustrating at times its a good place to be.

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