birds flying high

The birds, mostly the crows catch my eye every day. the random dashes of black that swoop and turn across the sky seem to find there way onto my pots more often than not... art is not literal, art is mostly make believe....

studio notes

My first glaze firing in the university kilns... a pleasing pink with a hint of green flash from some localised reduction. Felt strange to not be checking the kiln every other minute, felt strange not to desperately be waiting for the temp to drop to an acceptable level before peeking. Felt good to give my pots over to Geoff and the kiln gods. These small bowls are a much better indication on how a glaze will work on a bowl than the small test tiles... but they are still my first port of call when trying a new glaze. My methods of application are still my greatest weakness. I find glazing to be quite a challenge and am more often than not disappointed by the results. But practice and more pr

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