inspiring a surface

making marks.... testing glazes Starting with test tiles to get an inital feel for a glaze and then moving onto small test bowls, adding marks, creating a surface, gaining an understanding of whether its worth further investigation. Is it the next layer on a piece, the previous underneath just showing through, teasing, making us wonder, or does it completey obscure. Is the colour right, matt or too satin. And many more questions to be pondered upon. #MAceramics #glazetests #mattwhite

the first term...

Exploration, confusion, despair, vision, focus, circular were all words that could be used to sum up my first term on my MA journey. Settling in always takes time, and the flow of days in and out of the studio start to show their faces. My first written assignment. Frustrated and fearful of writing in a style I'm not used to brought considerable confusion and it made it hard to see a way forward. Lectures became uninspiring as the level of academic posturing left me baffled. There were tears, there were angry outbursts, there were days when I seriously considered my foolish choices. This part of the course is an important part of my practice, of my growth, but even though part of me embraced

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