making marks

What determines the marks on the stones that inspire me... time, weather, the composition, people, process, flow of water and just moments passing. I always have way too many thoughts about these things and don't for a moment think that I could replicate the depth of the rocks and stones. Just a fleeting possibility, a sense, a texture, a surface. When you hold a bowl in your hands and slurp the contents eagerly into your mouth, do you notice the feel of it beneath your fingers, do you pay attention, does it irritate or please. These are all things I wonder. #inspire


The sea and shoreline always feels like I'm home. The bleak cold winter months are my favourite time spent wandering the tideline. After growing up with the sea a mere stones throw away, to live somewhere that I could no longer smell the salty tang or the low dull warning blast of the fog horn always felt like I was missing something. There is a curious energy gained from the ebb and flow of the tides and the light always seems rather ethereal in its essence. This bleak and desolate place is Sunderland point just below Heysham In Lancashire. A great walk when the tide is right. Often not a soul to be seen, eerily quiet considering the industry set around about and a fantastic place for shore


My journey as a ceramist, potter, manipulator of clay has really only just begun...I have meddled with clay since I first laid my hands on it age 15, a wonderful adult ed class that allowed you to dabble in such things. I wanted it to be my career, I was persuade otherwise and that didn't work out too well. I have decided against any formal training, I have always found it too channeling, there are too many rules, deadlines, too many other peoples tunes to follow, I'm really not very good at doing as I'm told. I wish it wasn't so as learning from your mistakes is tough, its costly and you miss out all the wisdom from those far more experienced from you. But it's where I am happiest. It's my

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