Rachelle's work is inspired by the practical, the simple and the uncomplicated beauty of objects designed to accompany our daily rituals; the first cup of coffee of the day brewed in quiet contemplation, burning incense to clear a space, an apron to bake in or a beautiful wrap to keep the chills at bay. Simple pieces are created from clay or fabric to complement and give honour to these snippets of the day.

Rachelle has worked with and explored various mediums throughout her long career as an artist. After a recent break to write and publish 3 books Rachelle has returned to designing and making which is where her heart is truly happy.

Fabric, Paper and Print were Rachelle's primary mediums in past work but clay has been ever present throughout her creative journey, just hanging around sitting comfortably in the background. Popping in now and again to distract her from the everyday.

A decision between two courses at art college always haunted Rachelle with many what if's...Determined to move away from those regrets she decided to focus on the sticky, satisfying and often confounding world of clay and give her full attention to creating beautiful yet practical ceramics alongside and often combining her beloved stitches.